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Squatter Camps


Squatter Camps in the Pretoria East area with shacks or housing made up of plastic sheets.

In these areas you will find hundreds of children with now school to go to, no water, no sanitation and no running water.

Our goal is ensure food security to the children and to provide education for ages 1-5 years old


Plastic View - 
Woodlane Village 

Based in the East of Pretoria, we find more than 1200 children aged 0-5 years old.  

We provide social services, education, food and feeding schemes and safety to woman and children.

We assist young mothers trafficked from other countries to get back to their homeland .

Through skills programs and mentorship we also ensure implementation of self sustainable projects, helping them to help themselves.

Cemetary View

This is a camp in the East of Pretoria housing more than 700 children aged 0-5 years old. They have no running water, no electricity and no school.

We successfully provide water to this community through a borehole, and run a weekly soup kitchen.

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