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Cemetary View 

Cemetary View is a squatter camp located in the Tshwane area in Gauteng in South Africa, and is next to a cemetery.

 Settlements are areas in the bush with shacks made of wood, cardboard, tin and other scrap material. Whole families live in a single shack, the size of a garden shed.

Facts and Figures

55 % of South Africans live in poverty with less than R650 per month to survive on

51 % of the population in Tswhane lives in squatter camps

71 % of children in South Africa grows up without fathers, which increases their risk of falling into poverty

30 % less children are going to school

Cemetary View houses more than 1200 children between the ages 0-5 years old

There are no running water in this camp.  The only water we have currently in the camp is from a well we provided running it to the camp through pipes and taps.

There are no sanitation in this camp

Children are in danger of being trafficked

Children are not safe from rape, abuse or illnesses due to rats, or the sewerage running down the streets

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