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Why a Reserve Fund?

When stuck in a poverty circle being a parent can very stressful and daunting.  

Just in normal day to day lives, we all experience crisis moments, where we wish and hope we can rely on someone to help us out.

When staying in a squatter camp/informal settlement, you do not have those luxuries of financial support.

Examples of emergencies:

Example number one:  Health Related

With no medical aid fund, insurance policies, funeral plans or proper health support, a sick child is a major crisis.  

Clinics are often far away, or have long waiting periods with no guarantee that a child can be helped immediately.  Running a fever and being a small underfed baby, often calls for funding to enable a mother to take her child to a hospital or a dr, instead of waiting at. a clinic.  Trying to use the government clinics can mean that a mother can stand inline to see a dr from 4h00 in the morning, with no guarantee that she will get to the front of the queue. 

If your baby passes away, you cannot get the little body from the morgue if you do not have at least R4000 (USD 250) to pay them.

Many times this leaves parents, and families in a serious predicament.

Example number two:  Educational

When life gets tough, needs at school can become challenging. Often children have to pay and go on day trips for educational purposes, or receive additional help with their education or emergency therapy when something goes wrong at home. 

The emergency fund helps us pay and provide for those children on short notice.

In supporting the Reserve Fund, you help us to have funding available for emergencies and it will help us to provide for families in emergency situations.  

It ranges from medical bills, to school projects, sport needs, dentist emergencies, cancerious challenges, or death and funeral emergencies. 

Child at the Pediatrician

Read an interesting article on the general costs of funerals in South Africa and why funds are needed. 

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