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Last year, in 2020, we packed 3000 Immanuel Shoe Boxes for all our children in the care of SA Cares for Life.  For many of these children this will be the only Christmas Gift they will receive this year.


If you have ever had the desire to make a difference, but always felt you do not have enough to give, the Immanuel Box is for you!  And there are many ways in which you can be involved.


1.  For only R500.00 you can make a difference in the life of a child, and pack a box.  You can also consider to use a back pack instead of a box.  The children love using the back packs as school bags!

2.  Support us financially to pack at box @ R500.00 on your behalf.

3.  Pack a family box with food items, for a family over the Christmas season.

4.  Donate specific items, stationary, clothing, tooth paste, soap, food, sweets.  These items will then be used to pack boxes for children who does not get sponsored by a packer.

Packing a box:

Each box must contain at least 5 items in total, 1 of the following suggestions each, according to age and gender:

1. Something to hold and to have: Soft toys, small note books, jewelery or any arts & crafts

2. Something to wear: T-Shirt, shorts, a dress, a hat, underwear, a cap, shoes or socks.

3. Something for school: Books, pens, sharpeners, markers, puzzles, crayons or colouring books and pencils.

4. Something for personal hygiene: Toothbrush and -paste, hairbrush, roll-on deodorants, bubble bath, body lotion, shaving cream, nail clippers, bandages, dental floss etc. (Please put soap in plastic bag)

5. Something to play with: A car or doll, skipping ropes, marbles, playing cards, Christmas crackers etc.

6. Something sweet: Liqui fruit, chips, chocolate bar or cookies etc.



Maybe you decide to also add something special: Share your heart and write a letter or add a special item, to bring hope and joy.

The goal for Family boxes are for special family times or meals and following items are suggestions:

A bottle of Tomato sauce and Chutney, Sugar, Rice and Tea. Tin foods, jam and jelly. Pack of sweeties, cookies or biscuits. Cool drinks. Washing powder, soap, paper napkins, Christmas crackers, etc.


Delivery and collection points:

All individual boxes to be back by the 30th of November 2021.  Family boxes by the 8th of December.

Distribution is during various functions and parties from the end of November and early December.

Boxes will be collected, or can be delivered to 36 Freeland Avenue, Kilnerpark, Pretoria, or SMS 0609975257 for collection.

For more Information about:

a) Specific lists of children with name, surname, gender and shoe sizes;

b) Packing ideas for families, Schools. Churches or Businesses:

c) Virtual boxes for oversees partners or

d) Any other question you may have……..


Please contact Sanet at, or 0609975257 for specific lists, and information about ages and gender.


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