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The decision to adopt was not an easy one for me, I could not get my mind around the fact that my body had failed me. From a young age I had always said and believed that I was going to have at least 6 children, and did not doubt this for a second. I was devastated when the specialist told me after many fertility treatments that this was not to be and that I should consider adoption. My husband said he was ready but I could not get my head around this.


The best advice I was given was to mourn and come to terms with the fact that my dream of birthing my own child was not to be. This was not any easy process and I experienced many emotions and felt a great loss. One night as I was lying on my bed reading I received the most amazing word from the Lord. He showed me a picture of myself driving into the parking lot of the office where I worked, I had a baby girl in the car with me and I was coming to show the people at work my daughter, I got out the car and carried her in her car seat into the office, he then clearly showed me that I had not given birth to her, but that I had adopted her, It was such a vivid word and I burst into tears and ran into the lounge and told my husband I was ready to adopt and this is where my journey to adopt started …………….

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